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Welcome to the MirageOS wiki. Feel free to subscribe to the Atom feed to keep up-to-date with our progress. MirageOS is in beta stage and the infrastructure you see here is self-hosting. The authors hang on out #mirage on IRC, so drop by with any questions you might have.


Xen Backend

Weekly calls and release notes

Calls take place every two weeks and are announced on the mailing list.

  • Weekly call 2016-03-02 on Decision to drop 4.01, 2.7 released, Hackathon and CI.
  • Weekly call 2016-02-17 on Containers, 2.7 prep, Hackathon and Netmap.
  • Weekly call 2016-02-03 on Dropping 4.01 support and Hackathon.
  • Weekly call 2016-01-13 on Test, Hackathon, Talks and Blog posts.
  • Weekly call 2015-12-16 on Conduit, Unikernel Events and end of 2015!
  • Weekly call 2015-12-02 on Website stability, Functoria, QubesOS and Hackathons.
  • Weekly call 2015-11-11 on Functoria, Logs, Protocol lists and unikernel logos.
  • Weekly call 2015-10-28 on Logging, Pioneer Projects and Error Handling.
  • Weekly call 2015-10-14 on Functoria, Irmin roadmap and upcoming blog posts.
  • Weekly call 2015-09-30 on Functoria, Irmin plans, numbering and Pioneers.
  • Weekly call 2015-09-09 on Xen file generation, functoria and end-to-end systems.
  • Weekly call 2015-08-26 on QA & Test, Rust support, Irmin API changes, previous minutes, and running Jitsu on monk.
  • Weekly call 2015-06-03 on TLS releases, TCP bug-squishing and best-practice docs.
  • Weekly call 2015-05-20 on TLS release progress,, Jitsu and Irmin.
  • Weekly call 2015-05-06 on TLS integration, Irmin-in-browser and MirageOS Hangout.
  • Weekly call 2015-04-23 on Release of 2.4.0, Irmin updates, TLS and Jitsu.
  • Weekly call 2015-04-09 on Decoupling the mirage tool and libs, Public Q&A session.
  • Weekly call 2015-03-25 on Security advisory processes, TLS update and requests.
  • Weekly call 2015-03-11 on More racing, Testing, Networking, Large merges and Cleanups.
  • Weekly call 2015-02-25 on Races, Testing, Deployment, Pioneers and Roadmapping.
  • Weekly call 2015-02-11 on Improving quality, error handling, TLS merge and GSoC.
  • Weekly call 2015-01-28 on OPAM 1.2, FOSDEM, new URL and 3.0 meta-planning.
  • Weekly call 2015-01-14 on Project name, 4.02.1 support, TLS on Xen and Error handling.
  • Weekly call 2014-12-10 on Entropy, Tracing docs, OSX backend, IPv6 and Projects.
  • Weekly call 2014-11-26 on Entropy, Config modularity, IPv6 stack and Pioneer projects.
  • Weekly call 2014-11-12 on TLS, IPv6, OCaml 4.02.1, Library requests and Xenstore.
  • Weekly call 2014-10-28 on Docker tests, mirage-dev, tracing and onboarding newcomers.
  • Weekly call 2014-10-14 on Vchan, Conduit, library release plans and funky graphs.
  • Weekly call 2014-09-30 on Mirage 2.0 libs, Calendar and some Jitsu.
  • Weekly call 2014-09-16 on Mirage 2.0 lib releases, Cohttp, Doc day and ARM dev.
  • Weekly call 2014-08-20 on XenSummit feedback, Conduit patches and ARM profiling.
  • Weekly call 2014-08-07 on 2.0 release review, Docs Day and ARM updates.
  • Weekly call 2014-07-08 on More releases, ARM, Blog posts and OSCON prep.
  • Weekly call 2014-06-24 on Releases, ARM, TLS and Repos.
  • Weekly call 2014-06-10 on Irmin, Conduit, Deployment and Fist pumping.
  • Weekly call 2014-05-27 on Mirage on ARM, Irmin and Xen Hackathon.
  • Weekly call 2014-04-29 on GSoC, Irmin and Mirage Tutorial.
  • Weekly call 2014-04-15 on GSoC, vchan, Mini-OS/ ARM, Irmin.
  • Weekly call 2014-04-01 on Mini-OS, IOCaml and Xenstore.
  • Weekly call 2014-03-18 on Crypto, GSoC and a Mirage tutorial day.
  • Weekly call 2014-03-04 on IP addresses and unikernel deployment.
  • Weekly call 2014-02-26 on homepages and Google Summer of Code.
  • Checklist for 1.0 Dev Preview
  • Weekly call 2013-06-11 on the end of the start is finally in sight.
  • Weekly call 2013-06-04 on Amazon EC2, shared ring performance and outreach.
  • Weekly call 2013-05-28 on build pain reduced to mild ache, TryMirage and benchmarking.
  • Weekly call 2013-05-21 on build, build, and more build, argh.
  • Weekly call 2013-05-14 on Ocamlot, actors and performance.
  • Weekly call 2013-04-30 on device drivers, SSL, actors and OpenFlow.
  • Weekly call 2013-04-23 on Irmin, revisions and release.
  • Weekly call 2013-04-16 on release, libvirt and Mirari.