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Weekly Meeting: 2016-02-17
By Amir Chaudhry - 2016-02-17


  • Quality and Test
  • Functoria status
  • GSoC
  • MirageOS Hackathon status
  • Persistent storage on Xen (FAT/btree/...)
  • Netmap

Attendees: Amir, ThomasL, Mindy, Gemma, Hannes, tchell, Mort, Dave Scott, DanielB, Anil, Jeremy, ThomasG.


Quality and Test

  • Anil has all containers pushed now and you can see them at https://hub.docker.com/r/ocaml/opam/
  • The description there contains all the info you need
  • We'll try and use Alpine as the 'base' as it's small.
  • Anil planning to write this up when he gets a chance.
  • These images should make it easier to run tests across many platforms etc
  • Still needs support for Arch Linux etc.
  • There are things to check but we're doing well. 150 containers now.
  • DanielB tried it and liked it as he used to test his things with Virtual Box. Now just has to log in with command line and test things.

Functoria status

  • Jeremy is happy and has merged a few things into Functoria. No objections from ThomasG.
  • This will be a 2.7 release (not a 3.0).
  • Functoria Blog post has a couple of TODO's — one of which was a come up with a reasonable example. There's a PR in the mirage-www repo. Mindy will consider that.


  • Mort will be one of the GSoC admins along with Lars. This is lightweight and is mostly cover in case he's away.
  • Application going in soon.
  • Lars also wanted to check that our projects are up to date.

MirageOS hackathon

  • Hannes has put up wiki pages. Not many people have added things to them.
  • Support/sponsorship for students in place too.

Persistent storage on Xen (FAT/btree/...)

  • Have a lot of people asking about storage.
  • Dave working on block backend for Irmin and will take a while to get this done. Anyone else available to work on filesystems?
  • Mort has a UG student working on a filesystem thing. It's working well enough that there's a performance evaluation underway.
  • Not written up yet but will encourage a release.
  • Question on the mailing list where folks are using the FAT filesystem to store things. It's a shame that Irmin doesn't work on Xen.


  • We had a chat with Wassim from Erriscon for netmap backend instead of Xen backend. We think this is something for xen-devel. Xen folks may have started one but not sure where things stand. Maybe Wassim should use MiniOS for now.
  • No-one's used netmap. Maybe Wassim et al can use it and get back to us with comments.
  • There are pieces in several places. Anil will reply to the email.



  • Quite a few people posting questions on stack overflow. The tag is mirage. DanielB saw them but was waiting for others to respond. We may want to consider a link on the mirage.io site to point people at stack overflow. That means spending more time there ourselves, though.

  • Late notes: Notes are still delayed — Amir has less time to write things up properly. Dave recommends declaring a 'notes amnesty'. Focus on future notes instead? Gemma offered to help. Amir will discuss with Gemma.

  • The next call is scheduled for 2nd March. Please add any agenda items you wish to discuss in advance and refer to the mailing list for actual details a day or so in advance.