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Weekly Meeting: 2016-02-03
By Amir Chaudhry - 2016-02-03


  • Quality and Test
  • Functoria status
  • Outreachy status
  • MirageOS Hackathon status

Attendees: Amir (chair), Anil, Thomas Leonard, Dave Scott, Thomas G, Mort, Dan Williams, Daniel, Chris, matt-g, Hannes, pablo polvorin, Jeremy


Quality and Test

  • Merged a huge test from Jane street.
  • Now have a camlp4-free version and can compile very fast.
  • Now need to do a bunch of point releases related to the change.
  • Just need to rename some of the dependencies — will remove the constraints we have.
  • Overall effect is we can depend on PPX only. Does anyone need to support 4.01 anymore?
  • Should focus on 4.02 and trunk. Only the Xen people might care.
  • Docker containers work and they're all published. Thanks to DBunzli for feedback.
  • Should be able to test all distros from a PR.
  • 4.01 is in Debian. Stick with it for that?
  • Since we have docker containers and opam switch, we should probably leave 4.01 behind now. Hard to maintain both camlpp4 and ppx.
  • Maybe keep the libs supporting 4.01 where possible but not be tied to it.
  • DanW: The Docs should be updated to match. Anil: we have codoc that we used but need to finish this. Thanks for reminder.

Functoria status

  • Not much to say since last time. On the brink of the release.
  • Should coordinate with press release?
  • Code review status? Yallop looking over it but otherwise happy.
  • Anil noticed one issue when trying to look at dependency chain for the xen packages. Will file an issue.
  • Some question since Solo5 is a different backend. Should we adjust the config now to be able to work with this and other backends? We should have a blocker to mirage 3.0?
  • In terms of functoria tutorials. There's the blog post but not much more. Mort is going to try out Solo5 stuff this weekend.
  • Rumprun and MirageOS and Functoria? Cross-compilation is still a 'thing'. Adam Wick is trying things with HaLVM and Rump kernels so we can follow in his footsteps once things are clearer.

Outreachy Status

  • Kia is on east coast US. Sent an email to list yesterday about the code and a blog post. Another 4 weeks to go. All is in hand.
  • Difficult to join calls due to timezone.

MirageOS hackathon

  • We have over 30 people signed up — but we have 27 beds :)
  • Can people participate remotely? Anil will bring video conf stuff
  • If we have crucible projects that would be useful. Half the people are new to MirageOS. Particularly end-to-end app problems would be good.
  • Hannes has set up a mailing list for participants. Will kick this off so people can chat. Will also bring labels to the meeting.
  • Hannes' plan was to write to the mailing list and make a wiki page to enable collaboration amongst people.
  • Hope someone else will organise another one in three months!



  • Mailing list and devel.unikernel.org: Should we use the latter more? Move all the old MirageOS threads in there? There may be utility to share things between unikernel projects. Would need to plan for a cut over date. DBunzli likes mailing list for discussion quality. Should set up a test to ingest archive.

  • SCALE conference: Snow storm cancelled Anil's flight. Amir and Mort made it. Videos are online.

  • Cross compilation discussion with rump/solo5 etc. Next step for DanW is to get familiar with build system stuff (and Functoria). Ask Gabriel Radanne re the call. Can have a wiki to put info into as people discover things. DBunzli: the first things we need is support in opam, which allows us to do it in a clean fashion. People have been working on this.

  • The next call is scheduled for 17th February. Please add any agenda items you wish to discuss in advance and refer to the mailing list for actual details a day or so in advance.