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By Richard Mortier - 2013-08-14

This page links to various technical talks and slide decks on MirageOS. The bulk of slide decks that we give are now hosted using MirageOS on http://decks.openmirage.org, so please browse there for the latest content.


Below are various videos of public presentations that are available online. There is also a link blog of other articles available.

Rainbows and Unikernels

Garett Smith at CityCode - Oct 2015

Taking the Operating System out of Operations

Gareth Rushgrove at Operability - Sep 2015

Look ma, no OS! Unikernels and their applications

Matt Bajor at Strangeloop - Sep 2015

Non-Imperative Network Programming

Mindy Preston at Strangeloop - Sep 2015

Mindy also wrote a post that has some information and links: http://somerandomidiot.com/blog/2015/10/07/ocaml-workshop-and-strange-loop-talks

Leaving legacy behind — A clean-slate approach to operating systems

Hannes Mehnert at Source_Code Berlin - Aug 2015


Amir Chaudhry at PolyConf - July 2015

There's more information about this talk in the blog post at: http://amirchaudhry.com/unikernels-polyconf-2015

Next Generation Cloud

Russell Pavlicek at SouthEast LinuxFest - June 2015

Russ has also been at many other Linuxfests this year!

Unikernels: Functional Infrastructure with MirageOS

Anil Madhavapeddy at Esper Technologies - May 2015

My Other Internet is a Mirage (QCon SF 2013)

This talk was given by Anil Madhavapeddy towards the end of 2013, and outlines the overall architecture of MirageOS 1.0.

You can find a video of the talk along with synched slides at the InfoQ website.

Mirage: Extreme Specialization of Cloud Appliances (OSCon, summer 2013)

Richard Mortier and Anil Madhavapeddy presented a developer preview of MirageOS 1.0 at OSCon. The screencast below still uses the old mirari tool instead of the final version that shipped with MirageOS 1.0, but the screencast is included here for historical reasons.

Programming the Xen Cloud with OCaml (OCaml Workshop, Sep 2012)

Dave's presentation at the 2012 OCaml Users and Developers Workshop, describing MirageOS and its use as a way to build VMs for Xen in OCaml.

Mirage: extreme specialisation of virtual appliances, XenSummit 2012

Anil's presentation at XenSummit 2012 describing the architecture of MirageOS, and giving a quick demonstration of how to build a web-server that runs as a unikernel on a standard Xen installation.

Mirage: Building a Better Internet (Verisign Internet Infrastructure, 2011)

A short video Verisign requested as part of a showcase of the recipients of their "Building a Better Internet" 2011 grant symposium, discussing MirageOS and its importance for the ongoing health of the Internet.

Mirage, A New Multi-Scale Operating System for Clouds and Crowds (LinkedIn SNA Tech Talk, Oct 2010)

Alex Feinberg kindly hosted a MirageOS talk at LinkedIn's Search Networks and Analytics Team (blog).

Using functional programming within an industrial product group: perspectives and perceptions (ACM ICFP, Sept 2010)

This was a report delivered at ICFP 2010 about our experiences with using OCaml in the Xen management toolstack. Not directly Mirage-related, but much of the inspiration for trying out OCaml in a microkernel environment came out of this work. The video is unfortunately only available behind the ACM paywall, but the paper can be found here.