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Weekly Meeting: 2016-01-13
By Amir Chaudhry - 2016-01-13


  • Quality and Test
  • Functoria release status
  • Logging
  • License files
  • MirageOS hackathon status
  • MirageOS talks at SCALEx14
  • Irmin blog posts

Attendees: Amir Chaudhry (chair), Dan Williams, Mindy, Thomas Leonard, Dave Scott, Anil, Daniel Bunzli, David Kaloper, Hannes, Drup


Quality and Test

  • Travis added support for Precise.
  • Anil refreshed OCaml Docker images/builds
  • Lot of work done on the new Travis CI. If anyone else wants to try it out, get in touch with Anil. Can do Travis test of Ubuntu, Alpine, etc. from a single .yml. Not Gentoo and nixOS.
  • If anyone has a distro that's not in the list it's easy to add to the DSL and we'd like all Linux distros to be there. Can eventually get windows in there, too — depends on upstream support for docker.
  • This should all make opam bulk builds a lot better

Functoria status

  • Bits of it got refactored and some more to be done around the definition of keys etc.
  • Anil wil refresh decks to use it and will makes sure it boots on Xen. Was mainly tested on Unix


  • TL made some update to mirage-logs as a result of other updates.
  • Would be interested in API suggestions etc and will make it an opam package soon.
  • Would be good to integrate with Functoria.
  • Mindy intends to do that and Anil is using it with decks.openmirage.org.
  • Gabriel replied to comments by email.

MirageOS hackathon

  • 15 people have registered! More non-Cambridge than Cambridge people! YAY!
  • There are no replies when you register. Will send confirmations.
  • Hannes will hopefully get some camel to eat.
  • AC would like public visibility of hackathon activity/projects. HM doesn't want to do upfront organisation of projects.
  • Experience level of people attending not clear but people have motivation to work on this.
  • Might be worth sending reminder to list that any experience level is ok.
  • Hopefully form groups of common interest.
  • People might show up at random times at the beginning.
  • Anil will bring a bunch of cubie boards. Hannes would also like some yubikeys!


  • Nobody really wants to make any comments :)
  • Multi licensed repos should arguably be split into multiple repos.
  • Single license makes things easy.
  • Some discussion on whether we need LICENSE files

MirageOS at SCALEx14/CIF2016

  • There are 5 MirageOS related talks at SCALE/CIF2016

Blog posts

MirageOS end-of-year review — Status update. Anil has a bunch of notes. holding off on that until the release and do the review at the same time. Perhaps the end of Jan. Maybe February. Want people to use Functoria when they read the review post.

Irmin posts - Ask on Monday :-P



  • Outreachy student? Hannes will meet again in IRC. Parsing of NTP is done. Invite to these calls but she's in Seattle timezone though.

  • SCALE/CIF2016 conference. Arriving Thursday evening. Leave Saturday. Definitely two MirageOS folks.

  • Late notes: Amir is wondering if someone else would be interested in taking notes. Would be better than having delayed notes. :)

  • The next call is scheduled for 27th January. Please add any agenda items you wish to discuss in advance and refer to the mailing list for actual details a day or so in advance.