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DNS Performance Tests

This page describes some of the measurements we have doneduringdevelopment of MirageOS, and descriptions of some of the problems we encountered and how they were fixed. We use DNS serving performance as the first measure of I/O performance, for several reasons:

Experimental Setup

All of the DNS tests are in mirage-perf.git/dns repository, and can be run on a Debian or Ubuntu Xen box. We have used Xen 3.4, 4.0 and 4.1. It should work with xm but we mostly use the new xl command line tool.

The tests currently perform the following tasks:

If you do ever decide to run these tests and try to reproduce our results, please do archive up your dns/data/directory and send them to us too, along with a description of the hardware and Xen/Linux versions you used.


Stay tuned, still working on publishing these...