Documentation and guides

Contributing to MirageOS

MirageOS welcomes contributions from anyone interested in the project. If you are planning a large contribution, be it a piece of documentation, a patch to the software, a new driver, or something else, please do send a note to the MirageOS development mailing list describing your planned contribution - you may discover that other contributors are willing to help.

More information on being in touch with other MirageOS contributors is available.

Reporting Issues

Issues (e.g. bugs in the software, unclear documentation, missing functionality) are best reported on the main MirageOS repository at GitHub, unless the issue is clearly contained in, and only relevant to, another specific repository.

When reporting an issue, please try to include any information you think may be relevant, including

Submitting Changes

MirageOS uses the pull request facility of GitHub to manage patches for both code and documentation. Patches should be as self-contained as possible, with one patch corresponding to (at most) one bugfix or feature. For large changes, please coordinate with other contributors via the mailing list.

The mechanics for submitting a pull request are as follows: