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Unix TLS Tools

By Hannes Mehnert - 2015-06-26

Deploying OCaml-TLS

We developed various Unix applications which use the OCaml-TLS stack. In this article, we will describe them in detail and getting you ready to deploy.


opam install tlstunnel

Tlstunnel is a stud like TLS proxy. It listens on a given port and address, answers TLS connections, and forwards the data to another service. It is developed as a UNIX application. The configuration options of tlstunnel are simplistic: --frontend host:port and --backend host:port specify the front and backend. Optionally logs can be directed to a file (--log FILE). Required options are the certificate chain and private key, PEM-encoded in a file. They can be merged into a single file, or given as two distinct files (--cert FILE and optionally --key FILE if a distinct file is used).


opam repo add xmpp-dev https://github.com/hannesm/xmpp-opam.git
opam install jackline

Jackline is a terminal-based XMPP (jabber) client supporting basic features (ping, message receipts, OTR encryption). After installation it starts with an interactive configuration.


opam pin add tlsclient https://github.com/hannesm/tlsclient.git

Tlsclient is a TLS client, in the spirit of openssl s_client. Given a hostname and port it will connect there and do a TLS handshake, and report back the certificate chain and security parameters. A directory with trust anchors can be provided, which will be used to verify the certificate chain.