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Videos from around the world!

By Amir Chaudhry

Word about Unikernels and MirageOS is spreading and as the community grows, more people have been giving talks at user groups and conferences. Below are a selection of those that have been recorded, which alone is about 5 hours of content. The topics are wide ranging and include discussions about where unikernels fit in the ecosystem, all the way down to networking topics.

I hope you enjoy these and if you'd like to give a talk somewhere or share one of your videos, please do get in touch!

Videos of recent talks

Anil Madhavapeddy at Esper Technologies - May 2015
'Unikernels: Functional Infrastructure with MirageOS'

Russell Pavlicek at SouthEast LinuxFest - June 2015
'Next Generation Cloud'

Russ has also been at many other Linuxfests this year!

Amir Chaudhry at PolyConf - July 2015

There's more information about this talk in the blog post at:

Hannes Mehnert at Source_Code Berlin - Aug 2015
'Leaving legacy behind — A clean-slate approach to operating systems'

Steve Jones at DevopsDays Pittsburgh - Aug 2015
'The Incredible Shrinking Operating System!'

Mindy Preston at Strangeloop - Sep 2015
'Non-Imperative Network Programming'

Mindy also wrote a post that has some information and links:

Matt Bajor at Strangeloop - Sep 2015
'Look ma, no OS! Unikernels and their applications'

Gareth Rushgrove at Operability - Sep 2015
'Taking the Operating System out of Operations'

Garett Smith at CityCode - Oct 2015
'Rainbows and Unikernels'