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By Amir Chaudhry - 2015-10-23

Word about Unikernels and MirageOS is spreading and as the community grows, more people have been giving talks at user groups and conferences. Below are a selection of those that have been recorded, which alone is about 5 hours of content. The topics are wide ranging and include discussions about where unikernels fit in the ecosystem, all the way down to networking topics.

I hope you enjoy these and if you'd like to give a talk somewhere or share one of your videos, please do get in touch!

Videos of recent talks

Anil Madhavapeddy at Esper Technologies - May 2015
'Unikernels: Functional Infrastructure with MirageOS'

Russell Pavlicek at SouthEast LinuxFest - June 2015
'Next Generation Cloud'

Russ has also been at many other Linuxfests this year!

Amir Chaudhry at PolyConf - July 2015

There's more information about this talk in the blog post at: http://amirchaudhry.com/unikernels-polyconf-2015

Hannes Mehnert at Source_Code Berlin - Aug 2015
'Leaving legacy behind — A clean-slate approach to operating systems'

Steve Jones at DevopsDays Pittsburgh - Aug 2015
'The Incredible Shrinking Operating System!'

Mindy Preston at Strangeloop - Sep 2015
'Non-Imperative Network Programming'

Mindy also wrote a post that has some information and links: http://somerandomidiot.com/blog/2015/10/07/ocaml-workshop-and-strange-loop-talks

Matt Bajor at Strangeloop - Sep 2015
'Look ma, no OS! Unikernels and their applications'

Gareth Rushgrove at Operability - Sep 2015
'Taking the Operating System out of Operations'

Garett Smith at CityCode - Oct 2015
'Rainbows and Unikernels'