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Announcing Irmin 2.0.0

By Anil Madhavapeddy , Thomas Gazagnaire - 2019-11-26

We are pleased to announce Irmin 2.0.0, a major release of the Git-like distributed branching and storage substrate that underpins MirageOS. We began the release process for all the components that make up Irmin back in May 2019, and there have been close to 1000 commits since Irmin 1.4.0 release back in June 2018. To celebrate this milestone, we have a new logo and opened a dedicated website: irmin.org.

You can read more details about the new features in the Irmin v2 blog post. Enjoy the new release, and stay tuned for the upcoming Wodan integration in 2020 that will be a stable filesystem for the hypervisor targets for MirageOS that do not have a conventional OS kernel underneath them!