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Deploying MirageOS unikernels using binaries

By Rand , Reynir Björnsson , Hannes Mehnert - 2022-03-08

We are pleased to announce that the EU NGI Pointer funding received by robur in 2021 lead to improved operations for MirageOS unikernels.

Our main achievement are reproducible binary builds of opam packages, including MirageOS unikernels and system packages. The infrastructure behind it, orb, builder, builder-web is itself reproducible and delivered as packages by builds.robur.coop.

The documentation how to get started installing MirageOS unikernels and albatross from packages is available online, further documentation on monitoring is available as well.

The funding proposal covered the parts (as outlined in an earlier post from 2020):

  • reproducible binary releases of MirageOS unikernels,
  • monitoring (and other devops features: profiling) and integration into existing infrastructure,
  • and further documentation and advertisement.

We announced the web interface earlier and also posted about deployment possibilities.

At the heart of our infrastructure is builder-web, a database that receives binary builds and provides a web interface and binary package repositories (apt.robur.coop and pkg.robur.coop). Reynir discusses the design and implementation of builder-web in his blogpost.

There we visualize the opam dependencies of an opam package:

We also visualize the contributing modules and their sizes to the binary:

Rand wrote a more in-depth explanation about the visualizations on his blog.

If you've comments or are interested in deploying MirageOS unikernels at your organization, get in touch with us.