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By Richard Mortier - 2014-01-03

A few months ago, partly as a stunt, mostly because we could, Anil and I put together a presentation for OSCON'13 about Mirage in Mirage. That is, as a self-hosting Mirage web application that served up slides using RevealJS. It was a bit of a hack, but it was cool (we thought!) and it worked. Several more presentations were written and given this way, at venues ranging from the [XenSummit 2013][xensummit] to [ACM FOCI 2013][foci] to the Cambridge Computer Lab's [MSc in Advanced Computer Science][acs].

[foci]: https://www.usenix.org/conference/foci13‎ [xensummit]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Jype6sP6MQ [acs]: http://decks.openmirage.org/cam13/

With the release of Mirage 1.0, CoHTTP, Cowabloga and the new Zurb Foundation based website, it was time to refresh them and as a little seasonal gift, give them a shiny new index with some actual CSS styling. So here they are, a set of presentations that have been given by various members of the Mirage team over the last 6 months or so. They cover a range of topics, from general introductions to the Xen roadmap to more detailed technical background. And, of course, as Mirage is under constant rapid development, some of the older content may already be outdated. But the code for the site itself serves as another example of a simple -- somewhat simpler than the Mirage website in fact -- Mirage web application.