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MirageOS running on the ESP32 embedded chip

By Anil Madhavapeddy - 2018-01-26

Now that the winter holiday break is over, we are starting to see the results of winter hacking among our community.

The first great hack for 2018 is from Sadiq Jaffer, who got OCaml booting on a tiny and relatively new CPU architecture -- the Espressif ESP32. After proudly demonstrating a battery powered version to the folks at OCaml Labs, he then proceeded to clean it up enough tha it can be built with a Dockerfile, so that others can start to do a native code port and get bindings to the networking interface working.

Read all about it on Sadiq's blog, and thanks for sharing this with us, Sadiq!

We also noticed that another OCaml generic virtual machine for even smaller microcontrollers has shown up on GitHub. This, combined with some functional metaprogramming, may mean that 2018 is the year of OCaml in all the tiny embedded things...