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Weekly Meeting: 2015-12-16

16th December 2015: Conduit, Unikernel Events and end of 2015!


Attendees: Amir Chaudhry (chair), Thomas Leonard, Jon Ludlam, Mindy Preston, Dave Scott, Dan Williams, Jeremy Yallop, Wassim.


vchan and conduit


Unikernel Events

Cloud Innovator Forum — Submitted three proposals. Some would rather be at dev/winter but will submit anyway. Jeremy can help prep something. Dan will submit a talk to CIF16.

Unikernel install party — Some folks would like this. Who's going to lead? Needs a date (Feb 22nd?). Mindy can help but not be responsible for organisation.

MirageOS hackathon — Seems there are a bunch of ppl interested.

Blog posts

MirageOS end-of-year review — Status update. Jeremy made a list of things to look at. If someone from community with an outsider perspective would like to help with this, that would be great. Our understanding is that Anil will write this. post - Ok to merge?

Charrua post - Will merge this post tomorrow. Mort to check things work.

Pioneer Projects

1 star projects — Should review the list. Email list to ask for more projects. Maybe add time-rating.

Outreachy — One student will be working on NTP. Should invite them to join the calls.

Last call of 2015!

Happy holidays!