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Weekly Meeting: 2015-10-14

14th October 2015: Functoria, Irmin roadmap and upcoming blog posts


Attendees: Daniel Bunzli, Amir Chaudhry (chair), Justin Cormack, Thomas Gazagnaire, David Kaloper, Thomas Leonard, Anil Madhavapeddy, Hannes Mehnert, Richard Mortier, Mindy Preston, Dave Scott, Magnus Skjegstad and Jeremy Yallop


Quality and Test

Anil is trying to do more automated builds around mirage and using CISO to build on pushes. Hopefully can retire 'is-mirage-broken' when this is done. Currently working on this and hooking up the contiainer builds but they run out of disk space. Trying to use dog to catch the logs and trying to have a branch per package and version. At the moment there are a few thousand contains unsuccessfully pushing to dog. Can hopefully use Thomas' package.

Some brief discussion about UI and a note that there should be something on ThomasL's GitHub account.


See release tracking in mirage/mirage#447

ThomasG is refactoring the code to make it easier to understand. Also trying to read the .mli file(s) and explaining why it's not in mirage anymore (takes some effort to do this). mirage has two stages — compile and run — and the user/developer typically wants control of when things happen. There is building the mirage tool (which is an app itself) and your final application — you want to build using functors, so you want a DSL.

ThomasG has some nice .mli files and will ask for review, probably by the end of the week. One part is also an extension of cmdliner. Maybe talking to someone with more experience of meta programming would be useful.

Not sure of ETA of Functoria yet. Every time there is some refactoring we have to check that things compile and also have to check generated code, which takes time.

Irmin progress

We should make a release of Irmin soon.

ThomasL has been making some changes, which may have broken code and things are more git-like now. The API is a bit more verbose and bit more explicit. If someone is making a back-end it should be a lot simpler and they can share resources a lot more easily. There are enough useful things in master that it's worth cutting a release. ThomasG likes how things are going, still perhaps possible to make a few frequent use-cases a bit easier. No strong opinions as to how though.

Regarding the refactoring work, chunking is now finished and encryption is compiling but not passing tests/review. That component isn't ready for release yet but if someone wants to look over it, that would be cool.

Worth noting that dog might not work with new APIs. The IMAP server that Greg worked on might also need updating. ThomasL/ThomasG will follow up with him separately. There's also a new version of Jitsu coming soon.

Other pieces:

Pioneer Projects

We have a candidate for Outreachy who is working with Hannes who submitted a small patch (we note that this also survived a code review by Daniel Bünzli). Mort has had one other enquiry. The Outreachy process is ongoing.

Blog posts

We've been releasing things as usual but haven't had any blog posts for a while. There are a few things that it would be worth writing up posts about.