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Weekly Meeting: 2014-02-26

26th February 2014: homepages are here (almost!).


Attendees: Anil Madhavapeddy, David Scott, Amir Chaudhry (chair), Richard Mortier, Jonathan Ludlam, Julian Chesterfield


Google Summer of Code

Can ask SSL guys to push students to GSoC. Process is to sign up as mentors and the students sign up and then students get picked off by mentors. Being a mentor doesn't commit you to having a student nor to putting one forward so there's no downside. Anil's never had a bad student so it's worth doing. Mort and Jon will sign up as well.

Homepage progress


Anil released Mirage 1.1.1 (yay!). Punk is up and running with Xen. Maintainer of Xen on Debian is responsible so switched from Ubuntu to Debian. No-one has unikernels running there yet.

Mort will either get his site running on vagrant but might just get it up on Punk instead when that's ready

Anil got DNS working. Actually need two servers so will have one 'normal one' as a backup as well as a unikernel one. Mort points out physical redundancy is necessary. We also need zone file for everyone's unikernel. Some discussion of how to deal with domains. Conclusion: Phase 1 will be single set of DNS servers for all people on Punk

Amir went through mirage-skeleton's static_website setup and got his site working when configured as unix and was very happy. Will file bug report about mirage run failing. Once site was running, he noticed issues with URL structure as some links are broken (i.e. the links that don't end with /index.html). Mort helped Amir find the relevant code section to edit ( and Amir will check out the cowabloga example of list.filter to get an idea what to change.

Amir's next plan is to get end-to-end thing working with Travis so that a unikernel can be easily deployed to Punk on a commit. Anil's scripts work and push stuff to a www repo for deployment and Mort ways that these worked for him.

Anil mentioned that we could deploy to Amazon but Mort thinks that's phase 3, related to the self-scaling architecture previously discussed.

Amir will go through tutorials on current website and submit any info he'd find useful as PRs to mirage-skeleton's readme.

Other things

Some discussion of static IP vs DHCP, netbooting and passing in IP address. Some digging around in code and docs to better understand this. Dave mentions cloudinit. Julian will file bug for startinfo and Anil will look at cloudinit.