The Community

All MirageOS development is done via GitHub, consisting of a set of libraries that form the core distribution. It is all glued together via the OPAM package manager. All of the libraries are either under the LGPLv2 or the liberal ISC license. If you find bugs or installation issues, please report them via the main issue tracker. Broader queries or OCaml questions are very welcome on our mailing list.

Please see the guide to contributions if you wish to submit a patch. There is also a list of pioneer projects if you are looking for an area in need of work, at various difficulty levels.

The Research Project

MirageOS started with funding in 2009 from the RCUK Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub grant, EP/G065802/1. Amazon also granted us an Amazon in Education award and Verisign sponsored work via an Internet Infrastructure Award, and Rackspace gives us developer resources on their cloud. Work has also been supported by the MRC2 and OCaml Labs projects. The research leading to this code has also received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under the Trilogy 2 project (grant agreement no 317756) and the User Centric Networking project (grant agreement no 611001). Publications are open access.

Core Team

One of us will review every patch that goes into the main distribution. Get in touch with any of us individually if you're interested in a MirageOS-related internship at our respective institutions.

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The MirageOS3 release announcement contained a more complete list. For a complete list, please look at the contributors to individual git repositories. If you are missing here, please add yourself via a PR to the mirage-www repository.